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Horsed Organization would like to thank Nour Islamic Elementary School in Den Bosch Netherlands.


The last 6 months Somalia has been suffering a severe drought due to none rain. In Somalia it rains for two seasons out of the year and this past year has seen none of it. The effects of the drought became severe enough that all the people and their animals died of hunger and starvation. We coordinated with our local offices in Somalia to get up to the minute updates of the situation and analysis. The Horsed Organization decided to act quickly and put together a strategic plan to overcome these obstacles. The most affected area was Abudwak, Somalia. So we decided to start our work there. Many people from the rural areas fled and came to the nearest IDP camps to get help. Abudwak had five of these camps, and were overflowed with the displaced people not having enough supplies. The members of the organization collected and donated help and supplies to the five camps. Included were clean water, foods with lots of nutrients and clothes. We ask that everyone who can help in anyway is encouraged to. We have a donation link at the top of the page for those wanting to donate. Thank you for taking the time to read about this pressing issue and if you want to get in contact the link is also at the top of the page